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What's New in RADWAG Offer for 2021? „Dealer Meeting” – an Online Webinar

Products and applications which were introduced to RADWAG product range in 2020 and which will be introduced in 2021 were the most important issues discussed during "RADWAG Dealer Meeting". The webinar took place on 16th March 2021, and it was held in English.


The welcome speech was performed by the founder and director of RADWAG, Witold Lewandowski, who welcomed the guests, thanked them for their participation in the webinar and for the cooperation so far, and expressed hope that it will be as fruitful in the future as it has been so far. At the end of his speech, Witold Lewandowski encouraged everyone to watch the slides presenting the history of RADWAG.


Next, the Export Director, Cezary Tomaszewski, summarized all the individual points of the programme. Products and applications introduced to RADWAG offer in 2020 were characterized by Radosław Wilk, Laboratory Products Manager. In his presentation, he discussed balances designed for environmental protection, i.e. robotic and automatic systems for filter weighing: RB.F and RMC.F as well as UMA.F and AK.F. Then, he went on to elaborate the latest mass comparator models such as:

  • RMC – a robotic mass comparator; the highest repeatability in calibration of mass standards ranging between 1 mg and 1 kg,

  • AGV-8/1000 – an automatic mass comparator intended for determination of density and volume of mass standards of the highest class E1 and lower classes; the best measurement readability and stability for a range between 1 g and 1 kg,

  • SM-MYA – a susceptometer; measures magnetic susceptibility and magnetization of weights of E1 and lower classes with the highest accuracy.

Moreover, Radosław Wilk listed and discussed the most important features of the AS X2 PLUS analytical balances (these balances have the best sd in their class in the world!) and presented two new models: AS 520.X2 PLUS and AS 210.X2 PLUS, with readability of 0.01 mg. His speech would not be complete without information about HX7, a terminal used in multifunctional load-cell scales. Universal software and a huge selection of expandable communication interfaces are just some of the features of this technologically advanced indicator.

Installations using RADWAG products performed in 2020 in Poland and abroad were presented by Michał Staniak, Laboratory Products Manager. We found installations from the UK, Turkey, India and Saudi Arabia particularly interesting and inspiring.


A further point on the agenda concerned products and applications introduced and to be introduced into RADWAG offer in 2021. This issue was also raised by Radosław Wilk, who began his speech by discussing the new model of PMV microwave moisture analyzer. The RADWAG-manufactured PMV 50 PLUS microwave moisture analyzer is intended for drying samples containing large amount of water, even up to 100 percent. It stands out from traditional moisture analyzers due to its ultra-fast drying time and use of microwaves.


Next, Cezary Tomaszewski listed the trade show events and webinars we attended in 2020, the ones that were not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that we plan to attend in 2021. We hope that the current global situation will allow us to participate in the prestigious FORUM LABO in Paris (October 5-7, 2021), ARABLAB in Dubai (November 15-17, 2021) and other international industry trade shows.


The webinar was closed with a "Q&A" panel, during which the attendees could ask questions.


During the webinar, the participants were able to see a number of slides illustrating the covered issues while still staying focused on the presenters. It wasn't real eye contact, to say the least, but hopefully the world situation will improve soon. There were also short breaks between each topic block.

Over 200 dealers from all around the world participated in RADWAG "Dealer Meeting". It was a huge technical and organizational challenge, but thanks to the commitment of many people, the webinar was a complete success. No sound, video or Internet connection, problems with camera or microphone? Marcin Kudelski did his best to avoid such failures, and succeeded. No international event would be complete without an interpreter. During the webinar, this function was performed by Katarzyna Figura, our excellent translator.


Thank you very much for attending the "Dealer Meeting" webinar! We were very pleased to welcome you.


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