What Are HY10.HRP High Resolution Industry Scales Used for? Balance Types Used in Pharmaceutical Industry

High resolution scales (HY10.HRP) are industry weighing instruments of high readability, even 0.02 g for Max = 10 kg. They enable weighing of load with precision so far possible only for a laboratory environment. What are high resolution industry scales used for and where especially they are applied in pharmaceutical industry? Learn about types and characteristic features of HY10.HRP scales manufactured by RADWAG.

Industry High Resolution Scales by RADWAG (HY10.HRP) – Types

Product range of RADWAG HY10.HRP scales includes the following series:

  • HY10.HRP scales equipped with a very advanced weighing terminal with high IP (IP 67), which ensures device protection against external factors;
  • HY10.HRP.H, simply HY10.HRP scales but made of stainless steel, which increases their resistance to corrosion;
  • PUE 7.1.HRP intended for operation in light industry conditions.

Industry High Resolution Scales by RADWAG (HY10.HRP) – Features

High resolution scales are equipped with weighing pan of maximum dimensions of 1 250 x 1 000 mm, this enables weighing of 2-ton loads. They feature MonoBLOCK® solution; it is thanks to the MonoBLOCK® that the HY10.HRP scales weigh with very high accuracy, and mass loaded onto the weighing pan remains unchanged. These scales are remarkable due to the mechanical design guaranteeing excellent protection against dust and water (IP 67). Besides, with use of the MWMH-Manager software, the HRP platforms can operate both with and without the terminal. Operating the scale without a terminal gives you access to Ethernet, four inputs/outputs, two RS 232 or PROFIBUS module, after terminal connecting, the remaining interfaces are at your service, that is.:

  • 2 x USB,
  • RS 485,
  • Wi-Fi®1,

RADWAG Industry High Resolution Scales (HY10.HRP) and the MonoBLOCK®

MonoBLOCK® is one of three weighing modules enabling mass measurement, the remaining two are a load cell and an electromagnetic mechanism. The load cell is used in industry scales, the electromagnetic mechanism in laboratory balances requiring greater precision, and the MonoBLOCK ® in both industry and laboratory weighing instruments. To sum up, MonoBLOCK® makes the HY10.HRP scale a device indispensable wherever there is a great precision required, impossible to be guaranteed by devices based on a load cell.

MonoBLOCK® is a RADWAG-patented weighing system technology. It combines features of a load cell and an electromagnetic mechanism since on one hand it is resistant to ambient condition changes, and on the other one, it is highly precise.

RADWAG Industry High Resolution Scales (HY10.HRP) in Pharmacy

RADWAG high resolution scales are durable, robust and accurate. HY10.HRP devices are made of stainless steel, they comply with all the requirements of pharmaceutical branch regarding the weighing instruments, namely they are:

  • precise,
  • safe with regard to the measurements, they ensure data integrity,
  • compliant with regulations (21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GLP and USP),
  • compatible with external software (LIMS, WERUM).

Weighing precision is best described by the following sentence: thanks to the MonoBLOCK® weighing module, the HY10.HRP scales weigh with the readability of 20 mg at the maximum capacity of 10 kg, or they weigh 2 000 kg with the readability of… 20 mg (if you are interested in a scale described by the sentence, contact us).

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Measurement safety and data integrity is ensured by:

  • modules that display prompts remaining the user about scheduled routine tests, which carried out regularly ensure weighing accuracy;
  • wide selection of easily assessed databases;
  • complete scale customization (among many, selection of preferred interface language, quick access buttons and working mode settings), suiting particular user needs and measurement type.

Compliance with regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GLP and USP means that the scales meet crucial requirements guaranteeing the accuracy of weighing in pharmacy.

Compatibility with external software like LIMS or WERUM enables RADWAG scales to support laboratory processes, especially pharmaceutical and biotechnological ones. 

Industry High Resolution Scales by RADWAG (HY10.HRP) – Intended Use in Pharmacy

High resolution scales (HY10.HRP) are used in pharmaceutical industry at the stage of production and packing. They are applied in the course of formula making process for weighing of formula ingredients, which are finally prepared for production, and packed. With use of automated machines, particular portions are turned into finished pharmacy products, e.g., pills.


Thanks to a wide resolution range of HY10.HRP scales, using them you will check whether the packaging is missing any pill, blister or leaflet.

High resolution scales (HY10.HRP) may be a base for the dosing system. If you connect the modern HY10 terminal with a platform of maximum capacity of 150 kg and dimensions of 800 x 600 mm, they you will weigh your ingredients witch the readability of 1 g. If you connect the same terminal with a smaller platform, i.e., platform of maximum capacity of 32 kg and of 360 x 280 mm dimensions then you will weigh the ingredients with the readability of 0.1 g. And if you connect the HY10 terminal to the analytical balance, the AS 82/220.X2 PLUS, equipped with ø 90 weighing pan, you will weigh the ingredients with the readability of 0.01 mg.

Innovative RADWAG solution enables you to construct a dosing system combining all the above listed components. HY10 terminal can connect 4 different weighing platforms maximum (including laboratory balances), and the dosing weighing mode is designed to allow you to realize the whole process using one terminal.

More about the modern HY10 terminal manufactured by RADWAG you will find here.

Should you have any questions regarding high resolution scales (HY10.HRP) of RADWAG production, our expert will provide you with answers. E-mail us if you are interested in weighing solutions suiting your needs, maybe you are looking for a particular resolution for a given mass.


1Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.



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What Are HY10.HRP High Resolution Industry Scales Used for? Balance Types Used in Pharmaceutical Industry

High resolution scales are industry weighing instruments of high readability, even 0.02 g for Max = 10 kg. They enable weighing of load with precision so far possible only for a laboratory environment. What are high resolution industry scales used for and where especially they are applied in pharmaceutical industry? Learn about types and characteristic features of HY10.HRP scales manufactured by RADWAG.

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