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RADWAG FRANCE – It’s Been a Year! The Representative Office of RADWAG in France

It has been a year since RADWAG’s French representative office started its activity. Its official opening took place on 27th January 2021, but the office was established a few months earlier, in September 2020. We chose Cholet, a town 50 km from Brittany’s capital, Nantes.

The opening ceremony of the French RADWAG office was attended by local elites, entrepreneurs from the region and our guest of honour – Mayor of Cholet. Our managers had the pleasure of giving an interview to the newspaper “Le Courrier de l’Ouest”. 

We have decided to establish an office in France due to the demand for RADWAG products and the number of concluded business transactions, which are successively increasing. Our brand in the city on the Seine is represented by: Armelle Bouchet – office manager, and Thierry Dlechoque – technician. What we guarantee our customers is professional service (also after-sales), installation and commissioning of the device, validation, calibration, fast response time and service both on-site and in the French office. Another convenience is our own warehouse, which offers full spare parts availability and allows products to be dispatched on the day of order if the given unit is in stock. Moreover, there is also a showroom where the customer has the opportunity to view the products in detail before making a purchase. On request, a customer can borrow a demonstration version of a selected device.

This is how Armelle Bouchet sums up the first year of RADWAG FRANCE operations: “RADWAG France is completing its first year of operation, and we are delighted with this new proximity to our customers.

More and more, customers trust us for the simplest scale and the most technologically advanced. Since June, we also offer the after-sales service directly in France. Partnerships are being developed so that we can better serve our customers.

We hope that very soon, RADWAG will be recognized in France as a “key” brand of laboratory equipment.”

The representative office of RADWAG in France is located in Cholet on Gambetta Avenue, in the former premises of the Xlabs Laboratory, under the following address:

9 Av. Léon Gambetta
Cholet 49300
Tel. +33 643984961

We invite everyone interested to visit our office.


International Dealer Meeting 2022

The “International Dealer Meeting” took place on September 13-15, 2022. RADWAG distributors from all parts of the world gathered in Radom to expand their knowledge of the latest RADWAG equipment and see on a live organism how they work, and, above all, to strengthen ties.
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That’s What We Do at RADWAG Measurement Laboratory: Calibration of Mass Standards

We wrote about what the calibration of non-automatic electronic balances is and how we do it at the accredited RADWAG Measurement Laboratory in this article. In this one, we will focus on the procedure for calibration of mass standards.
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This Is What We Do at the RADWAG Measurement Laboratory: Calibration of Electronic Balances

Part of RADWAG’s organizational structure is the Center for Metrology, Testing and Certification. Its task is to provide measurement consistency and knowledge and services in the field of metrology and laboratory management system.
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Smart Min Weight in RADWAG Balances – What Is It? In Which of Our Devices Do You Find It?

Standard minimum weight (USP) is a metrological parameter defining the weight value below which weighing under given conditions is not recommended due to the possibility of excessive measurement errors. And what is Smart Min Weight?
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Why RADWAG and not the Competition? Benefits of Choosing Our Company’s Products

Trouble-free, low-cost operation for many years, a wide range of services, and full availability of spare parts at any of our warehouses in the country and abroad – this sets us apart from our competitors.
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What Is DWA and How Will It Help You in Your Lab Work?

Digital Weighing Auditor (DWA) is one of a long list of features that ELLIPSIS series balances have. We have developed it for you to ensure the highest standards of work a laboratory, and simply put, to make your life easier.
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Ambient Conditions Monitoring with THB-R 2.0 System

The THB-R 2.0 System is a comprehensive solution from RADWAG that will enable you to continuously monitor indoor ambient conditions.
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Accuracy and Speed of Multichannel Pipette Calibration with AP-12.5Y

The AP-12.5Y is an automatic device for multichannel pipette calibration of the latest ELLIPSIS series of laboratory balances.
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The Faster, the Better
The Faster, the Cheaper

The PMV 50.5Y microwave moisture analyzer is an expert in measurement of moisture content of samples containing significant amount of moisture.
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What Does a Laboratory Product Manager Do at RADWAG?

A laboratory product manager can be compared to a parent who treats a brand’s product as if it were his or her own child: he or she participates in the process of planning its birth, accompanies it at birth, watches with pride as it crawls and – sometimes with a wobbly, other times with a confident step – enters the market. RADWAG’s youngest child is the ELLIPSIS series of laboratory balances.
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Have an Impact on the Quality and Functionality of RADWAG Products!

The offer of RADWAG is very rich. It is also continuously expanded, and the direction of its development is determined by people and their needs. Our company always listens attentively to its customers, because we know that without people we would not exist. Do you have questions? Comments? Needs? Write to us.
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Check out Our Current Job Ads!

Are you thinking ahead? Are you looking at the bigger picture? Join our team.
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