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RADWAG Balances and Instruments Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry Worldwide

In order to be used in the pharmaceutical industry, balances must meet a number of requirements. The most important are:

·      weighing precision

·      measurement safety

·      compliance with regulations: 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GLP and USP

·      compatibility with external software (LIMS, WERUM)

·      ensuring data integrity

·      guaranteed cost optimisation.

The best weighing precision is guaranteed especially by those balances with the readability of 0.1 µg.

By measurement safety we mean regularly conducted routine tests, because this is what ensures the weighing accuracy. Best of all, you don't have to remember when your next tests are due - instead, you can program the balance to remind you.

The 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GLP and USP regulations are formal requirements that balances must meet to be approved for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

External software such as LIMS or WERUM is dedicated to laboratory processes and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This means that the measuring instruments used in these environments are compatible with this software.

Data integrity is ensured by the large selection of easily accessible databases that balances used in the pharmaceutical industry must have.

And last but not least - money. The economic aspect is crucial for any pharmaceutical company. This type of company may weigh a few hundred samples a day, so balances allowing to cut one sample cost in a larger scale (100, 500 and 1 000 samples; month, quarter and year) will provide a real profit.

In the case of RADWAG balances, we can place a plus next to each of these features, which is why our products are so eagerly chosen by pharmaceutical companies. Below we present a selection of companies from all around the world that effectively operate in the pharmaceutical industry and with which we have the honour to cooperate, right next to the weighing instruments manufactured by RADWAG they use.


One of the largest concentrations of pharmaceutical companies in the world is in India. Our balances and weighing terminals are used by:

  • Emcure (Pune, India)

A fast-growing Indian pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and sales a wide range of pharmaceutical products worldwide.

The company uses RADWAG microbalances, precision balances and weighing terminals, especially the PUE HX5.EX terminal designed for hazardous areas.

  • Apex (Mumbai, India)

A pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing company, and a leader in the nutraceutical and dietary supplement segments in India.

The company uses RADWAG analytical and precision balances. The dosing station in the formulation factory has been connected to PUE 7.1 indicator with a platform and to a precision balance in order to obtain a single printout with multiple compounds dosed on different balances.

  • Strides Pharma (Bangalore, India)

A global company that offers niche and technically complex pharmaceutical products, and is one of the world's largest manufacturers of soft gelatine capsules.

The company uses RADWAG precision balances combined with high resolution scales; such a combination is a guarantee of impressive accuracy.

  • Madras Pharma (Chennai, India)

The company organises contract manufacturing, which includes all dosage forms, and sells products in India and around the world.

They use RADWAG precision balances, analytical balances and weighing terminals. The PUE 7.1 terminals are used with precision and analytical balances in three formulation plants.

  • The DML Group (Chennai, India)

The company consists of various enterprises operating in areas such as agro-commodity export, infrastructure etc. It helps buyers across the globe to procure agricultural commodities as per their need for quality and price specifications.

The company uses RADWAG precision balances and weighing terminals. The PUE 7.1 terminals are used with high resolution platforms in order to achieve the highest accuracy of 100 kg.

  • Softgel Healthcare Private Ltd. (Chennai, India)

A leading manufacturer of soft gelatine capsules for Rx, OTC and nutraceuticals.

The company uses RADWAG X2 analytical balances, which are suitable for capsules of different masses, and have easy-to-use compliance levels.

  • Steril-Gene (Chennai, India)

The company provides contract manufacturing and outsourcing solutions to various pharmaceutical companies around the world. They use RADWAG analytical balances, especially the 3Y and 4Y series. The plant has been approved by the USFDA, so quality and production control is essential here.

  • Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. (Sirupulalpettai, India)

One of the fastest growing mid-cap pharmaceutical companies in India.

The company uses RADWAG analytical balances. Due to the integrity and compliance, their choice was X2 with all its price advantages.

  • Caplin Steriles Ltd. (Sirupulalpettai, India)

A company that conducts research and development activities focused on the development and manufacturing of high quality injectable and ophthalmic products for regulated markets.

The company uses RADWAG analytical balances.

  • Fourrts (Chennai, India)

One of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India. Its products are available across India and in over 50 countries worldwide.

The company uses RADWAG analytical balances. As a manufacturer of tablets and capsules, they found X2 balances as an easy-to-use tool for the production floor.

  • Wintac Ltd. (Bangalore, India)

The company focuses on manufacturing small and large volume parenterals and sterile ophthalmic preparations, as well as marketing of pharmaceutical specialities intended for niche segments.

The company uses our analytical balances connected to the PUE HY10 terminal, and high resolution platforms.

  • Acebright Pharma Private Ltd. (Bangalore, India)

An innovative pharmaceutical company with a leading brand in the healthcare field.

The company uses analytical and precision balances, high resolution platforms and terminals - all by RADWAG. The platforms are used together with PUE 7.1 or PUE C32 indicators, depending on the application.

  • Aurobindo (Hyderabad, India)

In addition to its market leadership position in semi-synthetic penicillins, the company is present in key therapeutic segments, including neuroscience, cardiology and gastroenterology, as well as in areas related to anti-retrovirals, anti-diabetics and antibiotics.

The company uses RADWAG analytical balances and an automatic feeder.


The European pharmaceutical industry leader is the United Kingdom. In Europe, too, there are many companies with pharmaceutical profile that use our balances: 

  • Pepceuticals Ltd. (Leicester, United Kingdom)

The company has over 12 years of commercial experience in peptide synthesis and over 40 years in synthetic peptide synthesis, and has developed novel technologies to prepare complex peptide molecules. 

The company uses analytical and precision balances and moisture analyzers, as well as certified calibration weights for routine testing of RADWAG balances.

  • Stockport Pharmaceuticals (Stockport, United Kingdom)

The company is a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer specialising in sterile, non-sterile, aseptic and clinical trial special products.

Stockport uses RADWAG analytical and precision balances. Our products enabled this company to achieve the best quality in manufacturing and quality control while complying with strict FDA and MHRA regulations.


We also work with pharmaceutical companies that are located in Russia and Turkey, such as:

  • Pharmstandard Ufavita (Ufa, Russia)

The largest pharmaceutical company in Russia. The Ufa plant is one of the most important in the production structure of the holding.

The company uses microbalances, analytical balances, weighing terminals and high resolution platforms by RADWAG - mainly for quality control of manufactured products.

  • Moscow Endocrine Plant (Moscow, Russia)

The leader of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and the largest pharmaceutical enterprise in Moscow by the number of employees.

The company uses RADWAG microbalances (for mass sampling for HPLC and UHPLC analyses) and analytical balances (for quality control at the substance production stage).

  • R-Pharm (Moscow – Rostov – Yaroslavl, Russia)

The company specialises in research, development and production of pharmaceuticals (including oncology, antiviral, autoimmune, orphan and pulmonology drugs), laboratory equipment and medical devices.

The company uses RADWAG microbalances, precision balances and high resolution scales. Our precision balances and high resolution scales were used to produce the COVID-19 Sputnik-V vaccine.

  • Vem Pharmaceuticals (Kapaklı, Turkey)

The company offers products for many areas of healthcare such as: nephrology, gastroenterology, paediatrics, urology, dermatology, ophthalmology, oncology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, intensive care or anaesthesiology in the service of Turkish medicine.

The company uses RADWAG microbalances, analytical balances, weighing modules and weighing terminals.

  • Biofarma (Istanbul, Turkey)

One of the oldest medical companies in Turkey which exports its products to EU and CIS countries, New Zealand and Ukraine.

The company uses RADWAG analytical balances, moisture analyzers and weighing terminals. The PUE HY10 terminal connected to three balances allows formulations to be weighed, resulting in detailed label printouts.

  • Recordati (Istanbul, Turkey)

Turkey's largest manufacturer of medications for cardiovascular and urological diseases.

The company uses RADWAG analytical and precision balances and high resolution scales. Analytical balances are used for solid production, precision balances for solids and liquids, and high resolution scales for liquids.


If you represent the pharmaceutical industry and are looking for weighing solutions tailored to your company's needs, please contact us. We offer devices allowing you to weigh both the active ingredient in a painkiller tablet and bulk packages of such pills.


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