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RADWAG Departments. Advertising Department in the Eye of an Advertising Department Employee

RADWAG Wagi Elektroniczne is a modern company preserving tradition – we provide state-of-the-art weighing solutions continuously from the beginning of 80ties of the last century.

RADWAG is also people – if not mainly. The company employs over 400 employees. Not everyone from RADWAG team contacts the customer directly and not everyone decides about the final shape of the product. Nevertheless, we all have one and the same aim: to provide the customer with a finished product of the best quality. We know that together we can do more, therefore, we pay careful attention to cooperation between the departments. All in all, we work for our common success.

The organization structure is made of many departments. Highly significant one is RADWAG Advertising Department spreading news about our products, services and activities we undertake, like conferences we participate in or webinars we organize.

We would like to present one of our colleagues, an employee of RADWAG advertising department, Janek.


– Janek, what do you do, what are the tasks you take upon in RADWAG and how do you assess your contribution to the RADWAG product quality?

– I was hired as a graphic designer. Since I am a person who likes challenges, RADWAG opened me up the possibility to develop in the area of motion designing, I make graphics in motion. As a graphic designer and motion designer I make materials promoting the company products, these are photos, videos, catalogues, internet advertisements, multimedia just to name a few, my works clearly, impressively and effectively show our products.

How can I contribute to the better quality of audio-visual and visual material I make? I can follow market trends both domestic and worldwide. This is actually what I regularly do. Why? I would like to offer a material of the highest standard.


– What is the greatest success of yours, as a graphic designer working for RADWAG, in the area of motion designing?

– I think it would be the video promoting the automatic nano-comparator, NANO.AK-4/500 manufactured by RADWAG, it was the first storytelling material produced in our company. What we needed was an original concept advertising our unique solution – an idea that would hit the market with an out-of-the-box approach, breaking with the conventional, scholarly presentation of a measuring device. The video promoting RADWAG nano-comparator is a result of a brainstorming session held with my colleagues from the advertising department. The credit for the idea goes to our friend, a software developer and the photographer in one, I only realised it and gave it a final touch. It took about a month and a half to complete the project. Within this time, we presented the concept to the management, waited for the final decision and approval, shoot episode one, and completed episode two. This is exactly how it goes: we spend almost two months on working out the details to provide 2.5-minute-long video. Despite all the above, no-one from our team doubts that it is worth to put every effort into bringing the idea to perfection, the satisfaction after watching a final outcome is just tremendous.

Video showing the NANO.AK-4/500 nano-comparator by RADWAG has been published on RADWAG website and social media, you can watch it on our YouTube channel. Click here


– What do you think about your role in the whole process of work in RADWAG? What kind of material do you need to be able to continue with your work, and what happens with the material that you make when you come to an end with your work?

– If I am to provide a marketing material, I need a product that is to be advertised, more precisely a balance prototype or the finished instrument. Next, I contact the team of design engineers and researchers, they explain how the invention works and what it is intended for. Then I ask my colleagues from the marketing department for their support, they point out the most crucial features of the product from the marketing perspective. This helps me to decide which information the material I make should outline. The outlined information given in a convenient form will make the product more attractive and as a result boost the sales.

I am the last specialist in line in the process of material creation. Then, there is just material publication left.


– How about the cooperation with the company, your team-mates, colleagues from other departments?

– I, an artist with a diploma, find work in RADWAG a truly interesting job, among many this is because I am in touch with science and technology, these are the fields I would probably have no chance to explore if it was not for the post I take in my company. In RADWAG I have come across numerous people taking interest in fields far different from mine, this made me broaden my horizons.

Cooperation is an important part of my job both when speaking of cooperation with my team-mates and with members of other teams (few questions before I have already provided an example of such a chain of cooperation). In my opinion cooperation in RADWAG goes very well. All the colleagues are friendly and helpful, therefore, with absolute confidence I claim that there are no problems which would remain unsolved.

Work in RADWAG is challenging and favours personal development, which is important for me since I think that people should keep on learning new things.


– Thank you for this conversation.


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